Woman At Walmart Tears Up After Reading Note On Handicapped Stranger’s Car.

walmart note

Even the smallest gesture can make all the difference for a person. Just ask Shelby Eckard, who witnessed the power of simple kindnesses for herself during a seemingly mundane trip to the store.


Shelby, a fitness and nutrition blogger who also advocates for polycystic ovary syndrome support, loves sharing positive content on her Instagram account That PCOS Mom. As such, she couldn’t keep her recent experience to herself.

shelby eckard

Recently, Shelby went grocery shopping at a local Walmart. But before she even got into the store, she saw something that made her tear up. “At Walmart today I saw a young man putting a note on a van in the first handicapped parking spot,” Shelby wrote. “Walked over to take off what I assumed was going to be a nasty ‘you can’t park!’ note and saw this.”

walmart parking lot
Wikimedia Commons

But as it turns out, the young man had much sweeter intentions. The note simply read, “You are awesome! Have a great day.” Those seven words touched Shelby’s heart. She couldn’t wait to see the recipient’s face when they found the note and read it for themselves. And she wasn’t disappointed.

“I left it, and sat and waited in my car to see the driver’s reaction,” Shelby added. “PURE JOY. Then, she took and stuck it on the car next to hers, giggling. So if you need me I’ll just be over here sobbing.”

walmart note

The man who left the note probably never expected his short message to affect that many people. But it did! It’s just a simple reminder that we can all reach out and spread some love – you never know how much difference a little encouragement will make.

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