Woman Stuck In Slow Walmart Line Looks Up & Catches Cashier’s Beautiful Act.

Patience is a virtue — and it’s one we could all use more of.

It’s so easy to become flustered, frustrated, and stressed out by little things; traffic, a long line at the bank, or someone holding up the checkout process at the grocery store. But consider a few things before bubbling over: What if there’s a crash that’s caused the traffic? What if someone is struggling with money and their account is unexpectedly empty? And what if someone just needs a little extra time to get their funds together at the checkout register?

How about that for perspective?

Just last week, Spring Herbison Bowlin was waiting to wrap up her purchases at Walmart during her lunch break when the line slowed. She could have huffed and puffed about the inconvenience, but instead, she looked ahead to see what was happening. The scene warmed her heart.


She posted about the sweet exchange on Facebook:

“My heart was warmed at Wal-Mart during lunch.

This gentleman’s items were scanned and he was given the total. He looks apologetically back at me and starts taking handfuls of change out of his pockets. He miscounts and starts to get flustered. Gives me a muttered, ‘I’m so sorry.’ His hands and voice are shaking. This beautiful cashier takes his hands and dumps all the change on the counter and says, ‘This is not a problem, honey. We will do this together.’ He continues to apologize to both of us as we reassure him it’s ok. They get his transaction handled and he shuffles away.

I looked at this wonderful woman and said, ‘Thank-you for being so patient with him.’

She shakes her head and replies, ‘You shouldn’t have to thank me, baby. What’s wrong with our world is we’ve forgotten how to love one another.’

I want to be more like her.”


Spring’s post is resonating with thousands. Since it was posted on November 9, it has been shared more than 22,000 times and has more than 1,300 comments.


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