Not Afraid To Die, Veteran Selflessly Takes 5 Bullets While Fighting Oregon Shooter.

Shots rang out across the country on Thursday when a lone gunman took the lives of 10 innocent people in Roseburg, Oregon. As terrible as the tragedy was, the toll would have been even greater had Army Veteran Chris Mintz not been there.


The 30-year-old was shot 5 times while charging at the Umpqua Community College gunman Thursday morning.

The moment Chris decided to charge the assailant must have been the toughest choice he’d ever had to make. Witnesses on scene say that Chris kept repeating one thing while waiting for the ambulance, “It’s my son’s birthday, it’s his birthday”. Despite the scary circumstance, Chris is alive and well and was able to celebrate his son’s birthday after all.

Friends and family weren’t surprised that Chris reacted the way he did when the dangerous situation unfolded. The army vet served 10 years in the military before moving to Oregon to raise his son and attend school.

“It sounds like something he would do” Chris’s cousin commented. ” He is very upset that people had to die and he wishes that he could have saved everyone. That was about all he was able to get out before he broke down.”

In times like this, it’s important to keep the victims in our thoughts and prayers, and also to focus on heroes as much as the villain. Watch the heroic report below.

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