These Musicians Create Epic Sounds By Transforming Vegetables Into Instruments.

Everyone has wonderful talents! Maybe you can mimic someone’s voice perfectly or do some amazing tricks because you’re double-jointed. These people, however, have to think a little more outside the box. 

The Vegetable Orchestra is a group of musicians from Vienna, Austria, who use different tools to carve out instruments from fresh or dried veggies. Once they’re satisfied with their masterpieces, they come together to perform, choosing from a variety of genres like jazz, contemporary, and dubstep. Of course, they prefer to say they have a “vegetable style.” 


The orchestra first came together in 1998. Since then, they have worked as a team (with no designated leader) to create these unique sounds. They had all known each other in some way prior to teaming up, and while it may seem like a funny concept, they take their art as seriously as they would any other style!

Their musical vegetables are stunning all on their own! Using knives, drills, and other kitchen tools, the creative members are able to craft pieces that mimic traditional instruments — as well as make entirely new creations! They actually prefer to use vegetables!

“We believe that we can produce a sound that cannot be (easily) produced by other instruments,” they wrote on their website. “You can hear the difference. It sometimes sounds like animals, sometimes just like abstract sounds.”


The Vegetable Orchestra has traveled all over the world to perform for all kinds of audiences. Since they’re the only veggie band out there (as far as they know), they get to introduce basically every single person to this innovative approach to music!

Check out one of their songs, which they created virtually because of COVID-19, in the video below. Once you’ve picked your jaw up off the floor, be sure to share this story with your friends.

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