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dinosaur valentine's day

Husband Cracks Up The Moment He Sees Wife’s Hilarious Valentine’s Day Gift.

When you’ve been married for a while, you’ve got to find interesting ways to spice things up.

In a Reddit post that’s going seriously viral, one wife gave her husband exactly what he wanted for Valentine’s Day… and he couldn’t stop laughing when he saw his surprise! First, she made sure to set the scene. She placed a sweet Valentine’s Day card on the kitchen counter, then scattered rose petals down the hallway leading to the bedroom.


We’re off to a good start, right? Her husband was probably thinking there was a very sexy surprise waiting for him behind that door.

And there was. Sort of.


See? She bought him that dinosaur costume he asked for! He just probably didn’t expect her to actually put the costume on, along with her prettiest pink bra, to surprise him.

Even the dog didn’t know what to make of the scene!


The funniest part of this whole video is watching the wife try to navigate the room in the monstrous costume! She wants to lie down provocatively on the bed, but that takes a lot more effort than you’d imagine.

Once she’s lounging there in that oh-so-attractive manner, the only thing left to do is wait for his reaction… and it’s totally worth it!


There’s a reason nearly 2,000 people have commented on this video so far — it’s just too funny!

Watch the whole scene unfold in the video below, and be sure to share with someone who could use a good laugh today!

All my husband wanted for Valentines was this stupid dinosaur costume. Ask and you shall receive… from funny

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