Usher Went WILD After Her High Note. This Performance Is Unreal.

When Christina Grimmie stepped on stage for her The Voice blind audition, you could already guess that she had something special. And once she started to sing, it’s even more that clear those suspicions were spot on!


In under 10 seconds, Christina had BOTH Usher and Shakira turning their chairs, with Adam close behind. Not to mention, you can see the wheels turning in Usher’s head as her voice gets even more unbelievable as the notes get higher and higher. This girl has some serious, star-worthy talent and there’s I don’t have a doubt that we’ll see her soon on a MUCH bigger stage!


Here’s our takeaway: Make a decision to be your most talented self. Take risks, be confident, always be improving. You’ll never reach that next step if you don’t try… remember, there will always be people who DO believe in you, too!

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