Mom Held Hostage By Abusive Husband, When UPS Driver Sees “Call 911” Scribbled On Package He Jumps Into Action.

Remember the hero 17-year-old who pretended to be friends with a woman’s kidnapper to save her life? What about the clever mom who ordered a pizza during a hostage situation and– in the “special requests” section– requested help from 911 and saved herself and her kids? Both of these individuals used quick-thinking to save lives and get out of a scary situation. The mom in the story below did the same, using her wit and a UPS package.


The mom, from Robertsville, Missouri, found herself in a nightmare situation when her abusive husband trapped her in their home and subjected her to hours of abuse. According to reports, her husband– named James Tyler Jordan– repeatedly punched her, held a gun to her head, threatened to kill her, sexually assaulted her, and even dragged her back by the hair when she tried to run away.

The abuse lasted over 15 hours. All the while, the couple’s 3-year-old was locked in his room with no food or water.

Jordan had taken his wife’s phone away, so she had no way to call for help. Until a UPS worker arrived at her door.

The UPS driver had been previously scheduled to stop at the house and pick up a package. When he arrived, Jordan allowed his wife to answer the door, but he stood behind her with a gun against her while she gave the UPS driver the package, ensuring she couldn’t ask for help. But Jordan didn’t know his wife had left a note on the box for the UPS man, the words “Call 911.”

The UPS driver saw the message hastily scrawled on the package and followed the instructions. Shortly after, a SWAT team arrived at the house and arrested Jordan.

Thanks to that UPS driver– and mom’s quick thinking– this mom and her child are now safe!

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