UPS Driver Sees 84-Yr-Old Living With Hundreds Of Roaches, Brings Community Together To Transform Her Home.

Roaches. It seems unlikely, but these creepy crawlers brought a special pair of people together. Dwight Praylow works for UPS, a job he’s loyally completed for the last 15 years. One of the customers on his route is an elderly woman named Nancy McCummings. A mother who spent most of her life caring for her disabled son. With her son’s passing in 2013, McCumming became a single-person household, and more importantly, a mother, who had outlived all her children and had no one left to care for her. Naturally, when McCummings home was damaged by a flood last October, she wasn’t in the position to mend the damage on her own. Unfortunately, the damage was so severe that her home was raided by hundreds of roaches, making it unsafe for her to remain in her own property. This story could have ended in the demolition of her home and the elderly woman inevitably being forced to leave everything she knew. But one Good Samaritan, Praylow, stepped in to change the trajectory of the situation. Praylow learned of the death of McCumming’s son and recognized she was all alone. "From this point on she is not just an elderly lady in the cul-de-sac in Friarsgate that nobody knows about," he told WLTX. See Praylow wasn’t an ordinary UPS driver. He got to know his customers. As a result, he became aware of the roach infestation and unsanitary conditions she was living in. And by instinct he couldn’t just sit on the sidelines and let the woman’s misfortune playout. "To me it goes back to that saying, it takes a village to raise a child," Praylow shared with WLTX. "So when that child gets to be elderly, who is going to take care of them. So to me it’s a reach back kind of thing." After recruiting the aid of his brother and a few friends, Praylow took a holiday weekend and busted out manual labor, so that a woman he barely knew could be safe and comfortable in her home. "They worked all day Easter here," said McCummings when interviewed by WLTX. " While they were working, Praylow, with the help of donations from a GoFundMe campaign the group created, set McCummings up in a hotel. “Financially it was one of those things where everyone donated and every dollar or five dollars added up,” Praylow explained. Upon returning, she was astonished. "I told them this isn't my house" McCummings remembered. "I've never lived here before, and they is phenomenal what they did." The team exterminated all of the roaches in the home, dispose of the ruined furniture and took bleach to the walls in order the clean them before finally priming and repainting them. McCummings was deeply grateful. “I really appreciate it to have these young guys with that kind of heart they showed,” she stressed. “I adopted them now as my boys.” Of course, for these caring men, the good deed doesn’t end here. Praylow said, he and others hope to continue to meet her additional needs. What an incredible way to bless those in his community. Share his generous heart with your friends today.
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