UPS Driver Returns Lost Dog, Then Mom Sees Him Come Back & Grabs Her Camera.

Some dog breeds have a reputation for being territorial, chasing and harassing mail carriers and anyone else who dares to darken their doorways on routine delivery calls. And Reba, Buster, and Jade do chase after their neighborhood UPS carrier, but for a reason that’s entirely different and adorably endearing.

Staci Burns, who lives in Athens, Louisiana, shot a short clip of delivery man and veteran Daniel Kidd, sitting in front of her house, surrounded by his enthusiastic groupies.


The video captures a particularly heart-tugging moment, when Kidd whips out his cell phone to take a selfie with his four-legged posse!


Burns took the video to show her husband how much Kidd and their four-legged kiddos love each other — but since she posted it on Facebook on June 8, the 21-second clip’s been viewed more than 1.4 million times.


The red and white Australian shepherd, Reba, “went through a phase of running away from home and going on adventures,”Burns said.

One time Kidd scooped Reba up and returned her home after discovering the little drifter on one of those neighborhood outings.


Since then, the two have developed a special friendship — one that’s evident in the video, when Reba slathers his face with kisses and drapes a paw over his leg.


In fact, Reba often jumps up — maybe hoping to ride shotgun? — any time Kidd pulls up in his truck.

Enjoy the video below and share to spread smiles!

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