Unsuspecting Passengers Find A Source Of Inspiration In The Most Unlikely of Places

Be awesome today

Artist Joe Butcher of Birmingham, England, wanted to motivate people traveling via public transit and brighten their day with something simple and easy. So, he began hiding drawings with awesome pep talks featuring “Peppy” the cat on tray tables. Passengers would open up the tray tables to eat and find Joe’s special surprises, a.k.a. his hidden messages. What a treat! Here are some of our favorite of Mr. Butcher’s fantastically meow-licious drawings:

Tell yourself you are a success machine

Image via Huffington Post.

Too awesome to be real

Image via Huffington Post.

Make everyday successful

Image via Huffington Post.

Believe in yourself

Image via Huffington Post.

Believe that you are a winner

Image via Huffington Post.

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