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braysen united flight

Mom Felt “Defeated” Until Kind United Airlines Crew Helps Son Get Through Tough Flight.

Kids have a funny way of being very unpredictable. Even the most well-behaved children lose their cool sometimes and experience meltdowns, especially during something as stressful and scary as flying.

While a lot of kiddos don’t do very well on planes, Lori Gabriel’s 4-year-old son, Braysen, actually enjoys being in the air. The little boy has autism, but normally loves flying, his mom says. Recently, though, the mother-of-two from Magnolia, Texas, admits she felt “defeated” when Braysen had a tough time on their flight home.

lori and kids

However, as Lori shared in a heartfelt Facebook post, the situation turned into a very positive experience thanks to the compassionate United Airlines employees who supported and understood the family in their time of need.

“Trying to get [Braysen] to stay seated was impossible,” Lori wrote. “He wanted to sit on the floor in the hall and in first class.”

brayson on united flight

“Huge thank you to United Airlines they accommodated his needs, made sure we were all ok, worked around where he choose to sit,” she added. “Shout out to the flight attendants Joseph Nation, Heather Bursid, and Rhonda they couldn’t have done a better job.”

And it wasn’t just the crew who helped out. One first-class passenger kept Braysen busy by playing with him and sharing high fives.

brayson on united flight

But one of the most touching gestures came from an off-duty United employee traveling onboard. The woman passed Lori a handwritten note with the most supportive message.

“I commend you for your strength,” the notes reads. “Do not EVER let anyone make you feel as though you are an inconvenience or a burden. He is a blessing. God bless your patience, your love, your support, and your strength. Continue to be a super woman. And know you and your family are loved and supported.”

note for mom

To the woman, Lori wrote, “Thank you, you may not know how much that means to us when we feel defeated,” adding she couldn’t be more grateful that “United really showed up tonight and helped us through this flight.”

But, as the airline responded in a tweet, they’re just glad their crew was able to help — and they’re very happy to know their passengers are just as kind.

united airlines tweet

As we’ve seen here, everyone has the power to turn another person’s day around. All we have to do is offer understanding and support because we all need a little help to get by.

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