School Texts Mom Hilarious Pic Of What Her Daughter Wore To School.

Aliza Friedlander was sitting at work when she got the text message all parents dread.

Her daughter Brooklyn’s school was reaching out, but it wasn’t because the 3 year old had misbehaved or fallen ill. Instead, it’s because she had shown up for school wearing a rather nontraditional (not to mention inappropriate!) outfit.


Aliza’s husband, Brad Friedlander, had been manning the home front that morning while she was at work. Alan was so busy cooking breakfast for his two daughters and getting ready to start their days that he let Brooklyn pick out her own outfit. When she came downstairs dressed in a top and some white bike shorts, he thought she looked fine.

Alan got both Brooklyn and her 5-year-old sister Lila into the car and off to school. It wasn’t until the child’s grandmother, Anita King, dropped into her granddaughter’s music class that she noticed something amiss.

“Her initial thought was she was wearing white bike shorts scrunched up in the front with a shirt covering them,” Aliza explained. “I think when she went into the classroom and saw Brooklyn from behind, she realized that they, in fact, weren’t shorts.”


Whoops! Those aren’t bike shorts at all… they’re potty-training underwear! Brooklyn was realizing that anxiety dream we’ve all had — she’d shown up to school wearing underwear. Thankfully, since Anita didn’t make a big deal out of it, the little girl could not have cared less!

Grandma quickly jumped into action and went to Brooklyn’s sister’s classroom to borrow some shorts. Aliza’s friend Melissa later texted her a picture of what her daughter wore to school that day. After she stopped laughing, the busy mom had to text her husband to give him a little well-deserved guff.


“When I got the text message from my friend, I just shook my head and laughed,” said Aliza.

“She was actually wearing a pair of underwear under the underwear, so she was wearing them as shorts even though they weren’t,” she said. “He has never let an epic fail happen like this before … he spends a ton of time with the girls and gets them dressed all the time, which is what makes this even funnier.”

As for Brooklyn, she had a great day and had no idea her outfit had caused such a stir! “I think she may have actually thought they were shorts, but when I asked her about it she got this huge smile on her face and started cracking up, so I’m not entirely confident our 3-year-old wasn’t playing a joke on her father,” said Aliza.


This family is never going to let Brooklyn (or Brad) live this one down! It’s a good thing Grandma was paying attention! We’re certain Brad will be checking both of his daughters thoroughly before they head out the door now.

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