NFL Hopeful Shows Up To Surprise His Best Friend At Special Olympics.

Many people meet some of their lifelong friends during their high school years. High school friends are the ones who see you grow up and celebrate all of life’s achievements right along with you. Those are some of the sweetest friendships life has to offer.

For Texas A&M linebacker, Tyrel Dodson, that person is William Gawlas. Tyrel and William met when they were sophomores in high school and have been best friends since. Typically, William is cheering Tyrel on, but recently Tyrel got to support William at the Special Olympics.


Tyrel and William met through a buddy program at their high school which matches volunteers with students with Down syndrome. Since their meeting, Tyrel says he and William have talked every single day, and their friendship has helped the football player stay positive and keep going throughout his college career – and as he prepares for the NFL draft.


Recently, the tables were turned though. William was the star on the field while Tyrel stood on the sidelines and cheered him on during the Special Olympics. Tyrel said that William has always been tough on him in a way that kept him going and was excited to get to be that person for William during this time.


Their friendship is one of love and total support, and it’s clear that they have each other’s backs through it all. This is truly one of those bonds that will stand the test of time.

Watch the sweet video of Tyrel supporting William at the Special Olympics below and be sure to spread the love and share with your friends (and use it as an excuse to reach out to your high school bff).

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