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Dad Gives Duckling To 9-Month-Old Son— Now Their Bond Is Like None You’ve Ever Seen.

We’ve brought you stories of some pretty unlikely friendships, like this one about a massive, Barbary lion and his Dachshund sidekick. And who can forget the penguin that covers thousands of miles every year just to pop by and say hi to the man who saved his life after finding him covered in oil?

Well, if there’s ever a contest for the most adorable friendship between a toddler and pet, a little boy who lives in Texas with his feathered sidekick will almost certainly take the top prize.


Meet Tyler, a toddler who lives in a small town north of Houston, and his partner in crime, Beaker (or “Bee” for short).

Several years ago, Tyler’s parents went to a local feed store to get some wild bird seed and saw a couple ducks they thought would make good additions to the family. So they brought them home, then added a couple more, then a couple more, and pretty soon there were more ducks than humans at their Texas homestead.


Tyler’s dad introduced his young son to Bee when Tyler was only about 9 months old, and the two were immediately joined at the hip. His first word? You got it – “duck.” And good ol’ Bee was right there beside him when the little man took his first-ever steps.

They snack together and play together.


They tear rooms apart together.


They even do yard work together.


Almost all the other ducks live outside, but after realizing what a strong bond Tyler and Bee had established, there was no way Jennifer and her husband could banish Bee to the barnyard.

“I never pictured myself having a pet duck that lives inside. But it’s amazing to see these two in action,” Jennifer said.


Having a duck wandering around the house really isn’t that much different from a dog or cat (except for the waddling), and Bee exhibits the same kind of loyalty and sweetness as any other conventional pet whose main social contacts are humans.


“It’s no different than a dog, really,” she said. “Bee sleeps inside and wears a diaper during the day, but that’s the only difference.”

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