Two-Legged Puppy Was About To Be Put Down, But Then A Hero Stepped In And Saved The Day.

We sure do love our furry friends, but even at their best, it takes time and effort to care for them. Most people with pets are willing to make that sacrifice, but a hero named Ken Rodgers is going above and beyond for a few special canine rescues.

From the moment little ‘Deuce’ was born it was pretty clear that he was different from his siblings. The cute little guy came into the world with a lot of heart but missing his two front legs.

Because of his condition, Deuce was scheduled to be euthanized. But Ken stepped in at the perfect moment and adopted the sweet dog, saving his life.

It’s beyond encouraging to see a little life spared and celebrated.  Watch below and always remember to look at inner beauty, with people and pets!

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