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Twitter Troll Calls Pink Old & Her Thoughtful Response Has Fans Cheering.

We know a lot of things about Pink, including the fact that she’s fun, fearless, and incredibly talented.

She also has zero time or patience for haters and trolls, so when a Twitter user decided to pop up and tell her she looks old, she came back at them with the best possible response. Obviously, we’d expect nothing less from the notoriously self-assured singer, but watching her clap back at a troll is still infinitely satisfying.

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It all started when a video of Pink listening to one of her young fans singing at her Vancouver concert appeared online. Someone decided to tweet this to the pop superstar:


As usual, this troll had nothing kind or constructive to say, they just wanted to be mean. Worse yet — that’s not even a clever insult!

When it comes to smart comebacks, however, our girl Pink had this thing on lockdown.


Exactly! As the old saying goes, “Never regret growing old, for it is a privilege denied by many.”

Besides, are you really going to tell us that THIS woman looks old? Smile lines are proof that you’ve lived a joyful life!


Also, have you seen Pink in concert? Her acrobatic act looks like it’s straight out of Cirque du Soleil. She’s constantly proving that she’s in phenomenal mental and physical health.

Could YOU do this, anonymous Twitter hater?


Pink’s fans were quick to take her side, jumping in with incredibly insightful comments about what it means to age in our looks-obsessed society… and why stuff like wrinkles and crow’s feet don’t even matter.

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pink tweets old

Pink even responded to many of these tweets, adding her own witty retorts and making everyone smile with her usual self-deprecating jokes.

pink old tweet

Growing old is certainly a privilege, and it’s refreshing to see someone like Pink doing it so gracefully in front of the entire world.

pink tweets old

This wife, mother, and superstar continues to be a role model for us all.


This story is a lesson in the rule your mom probably told you growing up — if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all! That goes for Twitter, too.

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