Twin Baby Boys Candid “Conversation” Is Melting Hearts All Over, Their Interaction Is Too Sweet!

Some kids are just too cute to handle, and these two are no exception. Catherine Brady, mother to identical twins Austin and Landon Grant in the video below, said she always struggled to interpret her sons’ secret “twin talk.”


Every night after Brady tucked them in, Austin and Landon would chat back and forth in the dark with the occasionally discernable reference to the children’s show “Blues Clues.”

Apparently “twin talk” is pretty common among identical twins. It’s an amazing glimpse into the natural human capacity for language and understanding.

According to Professor Karen Thorpe, author of several child development books,  “Babies are wired for communication from the start and we see here a fine example of how sophisticated and beautiful communication in even young children can be.”

Who knows what Austin and Landon are chatting about in the video below, but the interchange is sure to bring a smile to your face.

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