True Love Across The Hall: How These Patients Found More Than Organ Transplants.

The best part about getting a new lease on life is finding the perfect person to spend it with.


That’s what Bobby Channell and Faith Crouch found while recovering from organ transplants at Nora’s Home, a nonprofit organization in Houston, Texas. The two were living in separate rooms across the hall from one another when they met, and there was an instant connect.

Nora’s Home provides organ transplant patients with a home away from home before and after their surgeries. Bobby moved into his room before undergoing a heart transplant he’d been waiting decades to receive.

In 2003, Bobby received a devastating diagnosis from his doctor.

“You need to get your affairs in order. You have 3 months, maybe 6 months to live,” he recalls doctors telling him.

For the next 20 years he defied the odds, receiving a defibrillator, a pacemaker, and myriad other devices designed to keep his heart pumping. Finally, his name came up on the transplant list at just the right time.

On January 13, Bobby got his new heart. After his surgery, he returned to Nora’s Home to recuperate.

Faith was born with cystic fibrosis, and she lived her entire life knowing that she’d likely need a transplant at some point. For the past 6 years she’s been on and off three different transplant lists. She finally hit the transplant lottery in September 2020 when she got a new pair of healthy lungs.

Like Bobby, Faith moved into Nora’s Home to recover.

“I feel like Nora’s Home saved my life,” she says fondly.

The couple crossed paths in the hallway of Nora’s Home, and there was an attraction neither of them could deny.

“The first time I saw Faith, I went and told my mother,” Bobby remembers. “I said, ‘There’s this girl here and she’s really cute.'”

They started talking more and more, and soon they decided to officially start dating as soon as they are released and can live on their own.

“We definitely want to be together,” Bobby said. Faith couldn’t agree more, adding, “It gets really hard to not be together now.”

You just never know where you’ll be when Cupid’s arrow strikes! We’re so glad these two met at just the right time to spend the rest of their lives together.

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