Teen Creates Comics Featuring Superheroes With Disabilities To Inspire Sick Friend.

Trinity Jagdeo has always gravitated towards people with special needs. When her best friend since kindergarten was diagnosed with a rare degenerative disease, she was prepared to support her any way she could.

Trinity’s friend Alexus Dick has Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2, which causes severe muscle weakness. She and Trinity were just 14 when Alexus needed to be hospitalized for six long months.


Trinity visited her friend in the hospital every day and was desperate to find ways to cheer her up. “Seeing what my best friend was going through, I wanted to do more for others like her.” she told Today. “We’d watched all of the movies that she had lining her room, and I took note of how drained she was. She had nobody to look up to while she was going through that battle.”

Trinity thought it would encourage her friend to keep fighting if she could find some comic books with disabled heroes, but after some searching she discovered that there aren’t any such books. She wrote letters and made YouTube videos to appeal to the creative minds at Disney to add some superheroes with disablities to their character line-up, but she never heard back. That’s when the resourceful teen decided to take matters into her own hands!

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When she was 17, Trinity’s mom helped her come up with a plan to create a non-profit called We Can’t 2 We Can. Then she ordered a drawing pad for her computer and wrote and illustrated three comic books featuring heroes who have disabilities. She even used local special needs kids as her inspiration!

“I was excited when I realized what she was doing. She was right, there were no characters with disabilities,” said Alexus, who instantly loved Trinity’s books.

Trinity’s charity has continued to grow even beyond her comic book series. Now the nonprofit performs fundraisers to raise money for kids with disabilities and the teen gives speeches to inspire others to find a way to give back in their communities too.


Trinity and Alexus are now 19 and remain the best of friends, and now Trinity’s work has reached many more kids who needed to see a hero who looked like them. Amazing work!

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