100-Yr-Old Breaks Down When She Opens Door To Birthday Surprise From Trash Collectors.

Sometimes we happen upon something that’s so sweet and wholesome it makes all the ugliness in the world fade into the background.

A recent video gave us just such a moment. In a small town in the United Kingdom, a group of trash collectors (or bin men, as they’re called in the U.K.) planned a lovely surprise for their favorite customer.


Mercy is a kind, witty woman who lives on their route, and every trash day, they enjoy chatting with her. At this point, they’ve pretty much adopted her as their surrogate grandmother. So when they found out she was about to celebrate her 100th birthday, they knew they couldn’t let the day pass without doing something to show her how special she is.

In a short video, we see one of the bin men walking up Mercy’s garden path — carefully carrying a small cake! On the cake are three lit candles, which the man shields with his hand so the wind doesn’t extinguish them. When Mercy opens her front door, her friends start singing “Happy Birthday,” and it’s obvious she’s touched by their sweet surprise!


It’s incredible to think about how many stories Mercy could tell! After all, she must have been around 20 years old when World War II broke out in Europe. Not only that, but it’s unclear how many living relatives she might have to help her celebrate this milestone — which makes the gesture from her friends all the more heartwarming!

After asking Mercy to blow out her candles, one man says he hopes she’ll live to be 105. She shoots back a snarky, “Oh, shut up,” that has us cracking up. Obviously, she’s a firecracker!


People can often feel forgotten by the world, which is why this moment means so much. We’re so grateful for these considerate trash collectors and all the others like them who take the time to really see their neighbors and honor their successes!

Watch the sweet surprise in the video below, and be sure to share.

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