Top 5 Most Inspiring Commercials Of Super Bowl XLIX.

hugging people at mcdonalds

This year’s Super Bowl was incredible. Not only was the game just ridiculous (I mean, how could it have ended more dramatically?), but it was filled with some of the best commercials we’ve seen in a very long time.


It was clear that there was a general trend with XLIX: companies decided not to spend their $4.5-9 million on funny, quick-laugh set ups, but on deeper, heartwarming story lines.  And we loved it. Car companies made us believe in the beauty of the planet. Beer reminded of us the bonds of friendship. Software revealed the beauty of helping people in need.


So, we narrowed it down to the Top 5 most inspiring commercials from the Big Game. Turn up the volume and prepare to feel some emotions hit you in the gut.

1. Coca Cola – “#MakeItHappy”

Coke nails it with this ad. They say, “The Internet can be used to spread either happiness or hate. To either hurt someone or make someone’s day. At the end of the day, it’s whatever we make it. Let’s #MakeItHappy.”

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