Australian Woman Uses The Shirt Off Her Back To Save Koala From Wildfire.

Eastern Australia is currently struggling to maintain (let alone extinguish) wildfires and brush fires that are wreaking havoc on the humans and animals who call it home. In a situation that could easily be “every man for himself”, citizens have tried to come together to save as many lives as possible.

Toni Doherty was in the thick of the brushfire when she saw a disoriented koala trying to escape. Instead of running away from the flames, Toni ran straight into them in an effort to save the animal’s life.


Toni told a local news station that she was driving when she saw the little guy running into the flames, and she knew she had to stop to save him. Since it was such a spur of the moment action, Toni had to use her own shirt to cover the koala and put out the flames.


Once she got him safely away from the fire, Toni began pouring her bottled water on him to make sure he wasn’t burning anywhere. In a video of the rescue, the poor little koala can be heard crying in pain.


The koala, which Toni named Lewis was treated for severe burns at the Koala Hospital of Port Macquarie. The hospital assured followers that Lewis is resting up in “five-star accommodations”.

According to the hospital, Lewis is in rough shape and the burns to his feet, chest, and stomach are so severe he may not be able to go back into the wild. That being said, they are taking very good care of him, and Toni even popped in for a visit.

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Though he’s badly injured, Lewis is alive and it’s all thanks to Toni who said her “natural instincts” kicked in as soon as she saw him in the fire. It’s heartwarming to know that, even in a dangerous situation, the instinct to flee didn’t even cross her mind.

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