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Steve Harvey Brings 4-Yr-Old History Buff On Show, But Wasn’t Ready To Laugh Like This.

Tommy Johnston is a bright little boy with an amazing talent. The 4-year-old from North Carolina has memorized all 45 U.S. presidents. The average person might only know 10 at most!

Tommy appeared on the Steve Harvey show for a special “Extraordinary Kids” segment. Before demonstrating his amazing memory, Tommy talked for a bit with Harvey. Harvey, asked, “Do you know a lot of stuff?”

Tommy eagerly nodded. Harvey next asked if the little boy had “a girlfriend.” He said no, but pointed out that his brother, Jack, has a girlfriend named Devin.

on show

He admitted to liking Devin a lot but saying that his brother Jack wouldn’t share. Well, that makes sense. It’s not like Devin is an action figure!

In any case, the witty remark had host Steve Harvey howling.


Soon enough, it was time for Tommy to demonstrate his talent for memorizing the presidents, which he did incredibly well! Not only did he immediately recognize President Grover Cleveland, he shared that he knew Cleveland was president “two separate times.”

tommy pointing out presidents

After Tommy impressed Harvey and the audience with his presidential knowledge, he learned there was a special surprise.

Tommy told Steve he hoped to be a U.S. president himself one day so, to help him practice, Harvey hooked him up with some sweet presidential swag:

car present

To see this adorable — and educational — segment, check out the YouTube video below. If you’re a fan of really smart kids, don’t forget to share this story.

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