News Anchor Completely Loses It Reporting On Bizarre “Goat Man” Biologist.

Every now and again a terrible idea wins a Nobel prize… sort of.

When biologist Tom Thwaites decided he wanted a simpler life, he headed to the Swiss Alps for a little R&R. Like others in his profession, Thwaites prefers the company of furry friends to people… so like any good scientist, he decided to spend his time learning more about his favorite animal: the goodly goat.

Tom ‘The Goat Man’ Thwaites spent three days in the mountains eating, resting, and playing with a herd of domesticated mountain goats all for the sake of science. Before his trip, the Goat Man convinced leading prostheses expert, Dr. Glyn Heath, to construct him a special set of goat legs for his grand adventure.


Thwaites recorded his research and applied for the infamous IG Nobel awards (a spoof on the Nobel Prize) in which actual Nobel laureates hand out prizes for research that sounds a bit crazy but actually address real-world problems.

Thwaites mostly managed to integrate himself into goat society, even nearly getting in a fight. “I was just sort of walking around, you know chewing grass, and just looked up and then suddenly realised that everyone else had stopped chewing and there was this tension which I hadn’t kind of noticed before and then one or two of the goats started tossing their horns around and I think I was about to get in a fight,” he told BBC News.


When all was said and done, Thwaites took home the Biology prize along with contemporary Charles Foster, for living in the wild as a badger, an otter, a deer, a fox, and a bird.

If all of this sounds ridiculous to you, it’s meant to, but the news anchors who covered Goat Man’s harrowing story couldn’t wrap their minds around the hilarity. During a live recording, a news anchor was given the task of reporting on Goat man, and she just couldn’t hold the laughter in. Check out the hilarious video in the clip below.

How about that? It all may seem a bit ridiculous, but what kind of world would it be without Goat man and others like him? We need these people to keep life a little on the wild side.

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