They Were Expecting A Son, But What They Did 9 Months Before Is Truly Beautiful

Tom Fletcher and Wife Giovanna sing love song to Buzz during pregnancy

Tom Fletcher and his wife Giovanna will charm you with this incredibly sweet time-lapse video of them awaiting the arrival of their son, Buzz Michelangelo Fletcher. If you take the time to listen to the song Tom wrote, you’ll be even more moved by this video!

This stanza really stands out:

I predict a summer that isn’t very long
then before you know it we’re singing Christmas songs
then we get another April, May and June
I think I’m ready for something new

The arrival of a child is nothing short of a miracle, and it is most definitely “Something New.” This is a love song that was written at least 9 months before Tom ever saw his son. The day Buzz is old enough to watch this and comprehend the love his parents have for him will be a special day for him…I hope there is a camera to capture his reaction!

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