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Strangers Wrote Letters To Women In Homeless Shelters & They Reveal Beautiful Truth.

As I sit here staring at the pile of letters and notes in front of me, I can’t help but be moved to tears. Handwritten notes from across the country cover my table. Notes of encouragement and empowerment written by women for women. Women who will never meet one another but love each other all the same.

All from a little corner of the internet where an amazing community of women resides. Women who believe in the power of encouragement and sisterhood. Women from all walks of life who have each other’s backs. Women who are eager to see one another succeed. Who guard nothing with jealousy or envy. Women who when one succeeds, aren’t afraid to reach back a hand and pull the next person up to stand beside her.

Women who love hard and fiercely protect one another.

Who make an impact every day just by being themselves and sharing their stories.

These letters are from those women and they act as lifelines to women who are struggling and broken. Women who are afraid.

Women whose home is a 24/7 emergency shelter.

Women who are alone and homeless.

I know what you’re thinking. What good is one letter? What impact can that truly have? But these letters? They matter. They represent hope. They represent love and community. And everything good in this world. They show others that they are seen and that they are not alone.

These letters got me thinking. If a group of women can have this kind of impact, what would happen if each one of us did the same? What if we compared less and supported one another more? What if instead of judging each other, we started being FOR one another?

Ladies, hear me.

We are so much more than arguments over organic vs. fast food. Co-sleeping vs. independent sleeping. Breastfed vs. formula. Working moms vs. stay at home moms. Home school vs. public school. Discipline styles and iPad usage.

We must start being okay with our differences. We must start supporting one another and criticizing less. Another woman’s strength won’t take away from your own. In fact, it does quite the opposite.

Are we powerful individually? Absolutely. But, together? Together we can make an impact far greater than we can imagine.

A beautiful thing happens when women lift one another up. It creates a ripple effect.

It shows other women that they are worth it. It shows other women that even when they struggle, even when the odds are stacked against them, they’re worth believing in.

Do you understand the power behind that?

When you make someone feel valued, you give them the ability to transform their life.

These letters represent that. They are the product of women supporting one another.

At the end of the day isn’t that all we want? To be seen and valued. Aren’t we all just women, mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, partners/wives doing the best we can?

Let’s stop judging and competing and start lifting one another up, instead. Let’s start a movement. A sisterhood of women. Let’s show the world that when we work together, we can create a ripple effect so vast and so great that it becomes contagious.

If you see a mama struggling, offer up a smile or friendly hand. Write a quick note to a friend. Send that text message. Buy coffee for a stranger. Do something. Anything.

Kindness is free. So, is love. And given the choice, I’m going to choose love every time.

I hope you will too.

Because our words and our actions? They matter. You never know when you just might save someone.

And as for this sisterhood? It exists. We’re out here. Waiting. Let’s see what we can do together.

This story originally appeared on They Whine, So I Wine

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