Explore One of the Most Isolated Islands on Earth: Togat Nusa

Travel is one of the greatest gifts of life. There are some places that we’re drawn to – our bucket lists – and Togat Nusa Retreat is probably not at the top of your list. Why? Because it’s unlikely you’ve ever heard of it.  It’s isolated. It’s small. But wow, is it beautiful!


Togat Nusa is one of the most exclusive resorts in Indonesia, located in the Metawai Islands. It’s a 12-hectare island, 100 miles from most places, in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Only 8 guests at a time are able to rest here because, while it’s small in size, the hosts want everyone to have ample room to roam!

According to Shala Kelaka, “Beautiful white sand beaches, crystal clear tropical ocean, great food, friendly staff and a comfortable artistic accommodations make Togat a Retreat Heaven on earth! A truly relaxing and inspiring sanctuary with amazing surroundings!”

Togat is a magical place that reminds us how the world offers hidden gems around every corner.

Check out the video and prepare to feel like you’re wandering through a tropical paradise!


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