Toddler Plays “Simon Says” With 500 People, How They Play Along Is Too Fun.

I love seeing parents give their kids the time of day. When mom or dad drop everything just to humor their little one, you can see by the look on their tiny faces how much they love the moment.


In a similar manner, this crowd gathered before a cute 3-year-old  and humored the little tyke as the center of attention for a full minute… and the result is too cute for words.

Every time he claps his hands, or raises his arms, they do the same and cheer! The little guy obviously is enjoying himself very much, as he keeps up the “Simon Says” routine until the big finale… the wave!

Here’s the Takeaway: It can be tough to help kids feel like their opinions matter… mostly because those opinions don’t mean much yet. But encouraging them while they’re young will make a confident and courageous adult when they’re grown!

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