Toddler Hides Dad’s Cell Phone So Well, He Has To Check Security Cam To Find It!

A toddler his his dad's cell phone too well!

After looking everywhere for his missing cell phone, one dad was at a loss. As a last resort, he decided to sift through the footage on his home’s security camera. He was shocked when the video revealed exactly what had happened to his phone. Not only did the man’s toddler take the device, but the child hit it somewhere that no one ever would have thought to look!


In the security footage, one of the parents is shown doing some work underneath a car in the driveway. While they’re distracted, the toddler begins to take any items the grown-ups have left laying around and slide them through the front grill of a different car. Hopefully the phone won’t be too difficult to recover!

Watch the video below to see this adorable, thieving toddler caught in the act.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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