Toddler Brings Smiles To Every Passenger Aboard Chicago-Bound Flight With One Adorable Greeting.

These days, flying is rarely fun. You're tucked into tiny seats and often have to deal with annoyed passengers bumping you in the elbow or reclining their seat into your face. Then again, not everyone is grumpy when they're flying. Some are even excited just to get to spend time on a plane. Like 2-year-old Guy, for instance. According to his mom Alya Jakubowicz, Guy does something extremely adorable every time he boards a flight.

This is Guy. He's just like any other 2-year-old...

He adores his big sister.

(And sometimes he torments her.)

Guy loves attention.

Which is why, when he boarded a recent flight to Chicago, it wasn't surprising that he did something to bring smiles to everyone.

"He wants to fist-bump you," Alya said as she followed her son to their seats.

Guy insisted on everyone fist-bumping him, so he held out his little hand and waited. via GIPHY The same exchange happened with almost every passenger sitting in an aisle seat, with some exclaiming, "That is so cute!" Watch his adorable antics in the video below Share if you agree that getting bumped by little Guy would be the highlight of your flight!
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