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todd with snake bite

6-Month-Old Puppy Sees Snake Attack Mom & Jumps In Between.

Arizona resident, Paula Godwin, knows that when no one else is willing to get up for an early-morning hike before it gets too hot, she can always count on her dogs. And now she knows her youngest pup will literally stare death in the face to protect her.

Paula lives north of Phoenix, in Anthem. She got up early last week to go walking with her Golden retrievers along a deserted road in the nearby community of Carefree.


Older brother, Cooper usually shows little Todd, who’s not even six months old yet, how things are done but today was different.


The trio was coming down a hill when Paula almost stepped on a rattlesnake. The snake coiled up to strike her leg but young Todd jumped in front of her, and was bitten in his face instead.


Uninjured herself, she immediately sought medical help for her little hero. Thankfully he received treatment quickly enough and is now on the road to a full recovery! In an update a couple days later, she wrote that Todd is healing nicely and thanked everyone for their thoughts and warm wishes, saying their support and kindness is “truly a blessing.”

Two days later, she set up a GoFundMe account, but not to cover Todd’s medical bills. She wants to help raise funds for other dog owners who face high vet bills after their own pups’ run-ins with snakes.

todd healing

Those funds may very well come in handy during the next few months, with more people trying to beat the summer heat by getting up extra early for a run or walk. But remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings. Snakes typically emerge from hibernation in March or April and are most active in the early mornings of the summer months, according to


And people across the world are cheering on this now viral hero. Their local baseball team even chose Todd as their guest of honor at a recent game.


But one thing is clear, it’ll take more than a nasty bite to keep this gutsy little guy down! Share to thank Todd for his incredible act of bravery and raise awareness today!