Today We Got To See 150 Kindergarteners Shout With Pure Joy. Giving Makes A Difference.

Beaux Wellborn smiling and sharing the joy with the kids.

We participated in the 40 acts of kindness challenge to give out school supply backpacks to the kindergarteners at F.M. Gilbert Elementary School just outside of Dallas, TX. It was fantastic.

Imagine 150 rambunctious boys and girls lined up in a school cafeteria who’ve been told that they each have a gift waiting behind a curtain. Now add a drum roll, confetti flying everywhere and the sudden drop of the curtain to reveal four beautiful pageant queens handing out specially labeled backpacks for each kid. Sound amazing? It was!

Pageant queen with little girls clinging to her in admiration

Boy receiving his backpack with joy.Little girl smiling as she receives her backpack

First aid kit with 40aok logo and pencilsDonated and fully stocked backpacks for kids


Beaux Wellborn with happy kids with new backpacks

Beaux Wellborn sharing the joy of giving with Gilbert kindergarteners.

What’s amazing about giving is the joy flows both ways! Here’s a tweet from the founder and director of 40aok that proves this:


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