To My Husband, Our Unsung Hero.

unsung hero dad

With social media, it seems that we’re living in a time when great deeds — and not so great deeds — get noticed. EVERYTHING gets noticed.


When a person or group is treated unfairly it’s called to the world’s attention and it seems the whole online world is “on it” (at least until the next thing…). And when someone goes out of his or her way to do something above and beyond, or even heroic, they get 10 minutes of Twitter fame. I’m not arguing whether this is good or bad — I think it can go both ways. I’m simply making the observation that little goes unnoticed these days.

Except for you, my love.

Krissy Brynn Jackson

You — my husband, my son’s father — do so much good that goes unnoticed by the world every single day. But it doesn’t go unnoticed by me. You are our family’s unsung hero.

I see the way you work six 11-hour days every week and then come home to take on your second job as husband & daddy. When you walk in the door, we greet you with smiles and hugs and “how was your day? ” and then promptly put you to work again in some way.

Daddy, can you fix my monster truck?
Babe, can you keep an eye on him so I can go for a run?
Daddy, let’s race in the backyard!
Babe, can you get dressed? We have that thing tonight.

And, even though you’re tired to the point of being weary, you go get the screwdriver or put on your running shoes every time because you put your family before yourself. I know, deep down, all you want to do is put your feet up and zone out on the couch after being on the go all day — and you eventually do some days — but never until we have what we need first.

Never have I wondered when you’ll make it to the house because you stopped by the bar to grab a drink on the way home (you’re way too excited to see our son’s face light up when you pull in the driveway).
Never have I seen you turn your head at another woman (I know you’ve noticed, but I haven’t noticed you notice, and that’s what counts).
Never have I seen you choose anything or anybody over me or our son.

You are the fixer of all things — both literally and figuratively. You seem to always have the tool or the answer. You make life feel secure and safe for the two of us. In my single days, I used to think the same taste in music and what a person does for a living were important to consider when looking for a life partner, but I’ve learned after nearly 10 years and a child together that what matters most about a man is who he is when the going gets tough — in crisis, in grief. It’s during these times that you step up rather than fold.

And, here’s the really crazy part — of all those good things you do, you’ve not done a single one for the glory.

When you teach our son to pick me a flower, you don’t post about it on Facebook — shoot, you don’t even have any social media accounts. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing if you do, I’m just saying that what I love most about you is how you do good behind the scenes… how you live quietly for God, for your wife, and for your son. In a world of sung heroes, you are our unsung hero.

This story originally appeared on Krissy Brynn Jackson, Teacher-Mom Blog

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