4-Yr-Old Trick Shot Whiz Steps On Platform, What He Does Next Stuns Steve Harvey!

Titus on Steve Harvey's Little Big Shots

A somewhat new series, Little Big Shots is a genius show created by the executive producers of Steve Harvey and Ellen Degeneres. The goal is finding the nation’s most extraordinarily talented, quirky and fun kids and putting them in the spotlight.

Hosted by Steve Harvey, the show has found an incredible number of young ones scaling the top of their preferred ‘careers.’ Take Titus for example. The 7-year-old unquestionably claims the title of a basketball prodigy.

With ease, Titus makes basket after basket from any distance and, as you’ll see in this video, any height. After seeing his new friend swish 6 balls in a row with ease, Steve takes it up a notch with his “trick shot platform.”  The platform is raised in the air to make the odds even higher for Titus’ success. But boy does he deliver.

It’s with ease that Titus grabs a ball, arches his back with hands behind his head and throws to execute a perfect ‘nothin but net.’

But one of the coolest parts of Titus’ talent is the spark in his eyes. He’s eager to get another chance to score! Titus’ passion for his talent is inspiring to us all!

Share Titus’ amazing trick shots to inspire others by his passion!


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