Novelist Uses Tire Shop To Overcome Writer’s Block.

Any writer can tell you that writer’s block is no joke.


Put simply, writing isn’t easy. Thousands upon thousands of words do not flow from an author’s fingertips with zero effort. It takes work, and more than a little bit of perseverance, to create an entire world full of characters between the covers of your average novel. Author, Amy Daws, of South Dakota knows a few things about writing… and writer’s block.


In addition to being a wife and mother, Amy is the author of countless romance novels, including the popular London Lovers series. When Amy found herself struggling to write her latest book, she tried everything to get her brain un-stuck. One day, she finally found her writing inspiration… and it was in the strangest place imaginable!


Amy explained on her website, “One day, I took my car in for new tires at Tires Tires Tires and magically blasted out like 5,000 words in their fabulous waiting room. It was incredible. And the scenery wasn’t bad either! Complimentary coffee that was actually delicious, comfortable seating, free cookies, friendly staff.”


Amy had found her ideal writing spot in the most unlikely of places, the waiting area of a tire shop! The only problem was that Amy’s car didn’t need any more work, and she felt guilty using the waiting room (and drinking their complimentary coffee) without being a paying customer.

So she started borrowing her friends and family members’ cars as an excuse to write at Tires Tires Tires.


“Yes, it was painfully awkward walking in. Yes, those guys at the customer service counter were giving me a look like I’m going to boil a bunny at any moment, but I didn’t care! I had the keys to a car that needed an oil change! Who cares if the oil change took 40 minutes and I was there for 6 hours.”

Soon, Amy’s love for Tires Tires Tires was becoming a joke among her friends and fans. Some friends even pulled a prank on her, sending a fake invoice for all the coffee and cookies she’d consumed while plugging away at her novel in the shop’s waiting area.


Finally, when everyone she knew had already had their oil changed and their tires rotated, Amy realized she’d have to give up her beloved writing spot. She told the customer service agent she wouldn’t be coming back, and she resigned herself to finding a new place to write each day.

And then the general manager of Tires Tires Tires wrote her a message that changed everything.


The tire store wasn’t mad… in fact, they loved the idea of having a “writer in residence” of their very own! Amy had definitely found her people, and they were so happy to have her.


“I’ve really made it, guys. My first official endorsement deal!! So far, i’ve only been paid in coffee, cookies, and swag but we’re workshopping more ways to make this cross promotion mutually beneficial. I foresee myself driving a Tires Tires Tires wrapped car in the near future. Maybe a couple of billboards. TV is a given.
The sky is the limit with the wonderful staff at Tires Tires Tires.
This is what the romance community would call…a happily ever after.”

As if being their official “writer in residence” wasn’t cool enough, Amy took her relationship with the shop to a whole new level when she asked if she could shoot the cover of the novel she’d written right there, in the store. Naturally, they said yes!


Then she heard from the famous “Tireman” himself.

In case you were wondering what the tall, ruggedly handsome (and sturdy) Tireman looks like here is a rare snapshot:


We aren’t sure if she will ever choose him as a cover model but we couldn’t blame her if she did!

Talk about a happy ending! Amy is truly an inspiration to all writers who’ve ever struggled to find their voice. Not only that, but this situation is a wonderful reminder that our community is always there, waiting to be a part of our lives — we just have to remember to ask.

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