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Little Boy’s Only Wish Is To Be Big Brother, But Mom’s Christmas Surprise Has Him In Tears!

Remember the story of this British 5-year-old who found out he was about to become a big brother? Or this little boy in South America whose dad told him he was about to be a big brother to twin siblings? Well it’s time to add another adorable big bro to the list! This little boy is in Scotland, and his name is Ethan.

According to Ethan’s mom, “Ethan has asked for the same special Christmas present since he was 2. This year we were able to give him it.” What could that gift be? A little brother of course! “The moment the penny drops is priceless,” says Mom. “The look on his face made my year. What an awesome brother he is going to be!!”

In the video below, Ethan’s mom hands him a Christmas card and eagerly waits for him to find her announcement inside.

“I don’t know why you’re filming me,” says Ethan, skeptical. “This is a bit weird.”

Inside, the card reads “To my big brother Ethan. Have a fantastic Christmas. Can’t wait to meet you.”

The heartfelt, emotional reaction that follows is a great reminder of the love we should always have for family.

Share if this inspired you to build stronger relationships within your family… after all, that’s what matters most this Holiday season!

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