This Mom Is About To Get The Mother’s Day Gift Of A Lifetime, And She Has No Idea It’s Coming!

A hardworking mom about to get surprised by daughter

Kyle and Jackie O of KIIS 1065 radio station in Syndey, Australia are at it again with their Surprise Givebacks, this time with one made just for Mother’s Day!

Tina is a mother of four and works night shifts just to provide and care for them. One of her daughters, Donna, now lives in the U.S. and hasn’t seen her mom in 12 months.

Well, that’s just too darn long, so the KIIS team decided to do something about it! They paid to fly Donna home to Australia, only they told no one about it. In the video below, Tina is hard at work on her night shift at the supermarket, when she hears a call, “Tina, to aisle 6, Tina to aisle 6 please.”

Little does she know that Donna is there to give her the Mother’s Day surprise of her life.

Here’s our takeaway: Show your mom just how much you love her this Mother’s Day. It doesn’t have to be as elaborate as this, but do something special because she deserves it!

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