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Guy holding a little iron fish sculpture

This Little Fish Could Change 2 Billion People’s Lives… But Only If You Take 3 Minutes To Learn What It Does.

Dr. Christopher Charles, who holds a PhD in Biomedical Science and Epidemiology from the University of Guelph, has seen tremendous results in the amelioration of iron deficiency and anemia in rural Cambodia. Here is a snapshot of the impact:

  • By 9 months there was a dramatic and sustained increase in circulating levels of iron in the blood and iron stores in the body.
  • By 9 months the incidence of clinical anemia was halved.
  • Premature births rates have dramatically declined.
  • Children with restored iron levels have shown improved cognitive development and focus in school.

What started as a doctoral research project in Cambodia now has a full staff behind it and is actively pursuing aid across the globe.  A little bit of innovation–turning a hunk of iron into a cultural good-fortune symbol–goes a long way.

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