This Guy Sells Pizza For Just $1, When I Realized Why It Warmed My Heart.

Meet Mason Wartman. He is the owner of Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia.




A little over a year ago, Wartman left a lucrative job on Wall Street to launch Rosa’s. The impact he has made so far is incredible.

It all started one day when a customer walked in and asked if he could buy a slice for a homeless person. Wartman said “sure!”, and the “pay it forward” pizza slice was born.



The process is incredibly easy: customers can buy a slice of pizza for $1 and then choose to donate $1 to pay for a slice for a homeless person. It has caught on like wild fire.

So far, customers have bought 8,400 slices of pizza for their homeless neighbors. Each time a slice is purchased, Wartman puts up a sticky note from the patron wishing their homeless brethren some words of encouragement.



When a hungry person comes in (which is about 30-40 a day), he can simply grab a note off the wall as a way to pay for their meal. And it is making a huge difference; just look at this note left by one of the homeless customers:



We love acts of kindness like this and hope Wartman’s heart for the homeless will touch people everywhere to share the wealth.

Our takeaway: Try being a “pay it forward” person today by paying for someone you don’t know! We promise, it feels good and spreads the love.

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