This 41-Year-Old Just Went To A High School Prom. The Reason Why Is So Touching!

41-year-old mom Belinda Smith wasn’t able to go to her prom in high school. The reason why? Her mom passed away her senior year from leukemia and she and her family were forced to move in with her grandparents. When time for prom came around, Belinda was asked to be a friend’s date, but she was forced to say no because she couldn’t pay for her dress.

Years later, it’s time for her son, Danotiss, to go to his prom. Knowing his mother’s story and her disappointment for her own senior celebration, he decided to do something amazing for her: ask her to be his prom date.

At first, Belinda thought her son was kidding. But when she finally realized he was serious, she was ecstatic and agreed to go with such happiness. What an amazing story of a son’s love for his mother!

Here’s our takeaway: Spend time with your parents whenever you can. Learn their stories and take them to heart. They went through so many experiences before you were born, and you have the power to make their lives GREAT!

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