They Told His Family To Say Goodbye, But Then A Miracle Proved Them Completely Wrong.

This is the story of tragedy filled with hope, it truly left us amazed at what’s possible!

Here’s the back story: Pete Benda, a 15 yr-old highschooler from Utah, tragically fell from a 30 foot auditorium lift.  He sustained one of the worst brain injuries possible. 90% of similar injuries result in a lifetime coma and death. Pete, it seemed, would be in a paralyzed, vegetative state for the rest of his life. Doctors told his family to prepare for the worst and to realize they’d never talk to their son again.

He spent weeks in the ICU with little improvement. But his dad Rob didn’t give up hope.  He sat with him for hours, praying and listening for signs of improvement.

The suddenly one day Pete shook it off.  It literally happened in a moment when Rob was tenderly caring for him.  He suddenly was able to use full sentences.  He had a basic control of his body.  He even could soon walk.  He “100% proved the doctors wrong,” according to Pete.

And through it all, he had the patient support of his listening family. Watch below to see the full extent of this miraculous recovery

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