50 Strangers In India Join Together To Save 2 Students Trapped Under A Bus.

strangers band together to save 2 students trapped under a bus

Students Siddharth Dudu and Ashwin Doshi were riding a motorcycle when a bus came out of nowhere and rammed into them. Sources claim that the bus had a brake failure and was not able to stop in time when approaching a traffic signal post. The two victims were pinned beneath the bus on impact.

Almost immediately, however, onlookers in the vicinity of the accident gathered to save their lives. Fifty bystanders rushed to the scene, using their bare hands to lift the bus off of the boys in a matter of minutes. A fire brigade came soon after and used a crane to give the final lift to freedom.

Though both of the boys were injured, officials say that without question the crash would have been fatal if not for the help of these kind strangers. Thankfully, both are now in stable conditions.

students saved by strangers after getting trapped under a bus

Image via Hindustan Times Twitter

It’s amazing what can be accomplished when we combine our strengths for the greater good! In 2007, New Yorker Wesley Autrey literally jumped onto subway tracks to save a man that fell onto them after convulsing. Similarly, in 2012, New Yorker Doreen Winkler pulled two man from the tracks, despite her tiny frame. And most recently, in August, subway passengers in a Perth, Australia station worked together to save one man that was stuck between the train and the track, getting crushed.

These people are everyday heroes just taking care of their fellow human beings!

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