The Perfect Remedy For Burnt Out Overachievers? This 3-Minute Video.

stressed out guy in the rain

Wow, this video is spot on! It’s so easy to get caught up doing, doing, doing, when the best way forward may be to slow down and move more intentionally–to be the tortoise, and not the hare.

I love how the writer talked about focusing on the important things, like investing in relationships and enjoying nature, even though they will take more time away from our hurried lives. There have been countless times when I’ve focused on the immediate things in my life so much that it kept me from doing the important, life-giving ones.

For example, have you ever paid more attention to an email or text message than to your spouse or kids? Trust me, the email can wait. Time with our loved ones is precious and we must fight for it in our hurried lifestyles.

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