“The Only Super Hero Present Was Him.” 4-Yr-Old Is Unscathed After A 70-Ft Fall.

boy unharmed after 70 foot fall

Some children seem to have a guardian angel working overtime to keep them safe!

According to Wolf County Search and Rescue, a family is thanking their lucky stars after their 4-year-old son took a scary fall while hiking near the Princess Arch Trail in Pine Ridge, Kentucky. It was just after 2 p.m. when they got the call, but by the time rescuers arrived on the scene the boy’s dad had already come to his son’s rescue.

The family was walking along the rocky trail when the child darted away from his parents and fell off a cliff. The boy hit several rocky ledges on the way down, plummeting down sheer drops of about 30 feet each. Finally, after falling over 70 feet total, the boy came to rest at the bottom of the cliff.

As his terrified mother called for help, the boy’s father “sprang into action,” WCSR wrote on Facebook, “scrambling down the cliff face to reach his son.” Once he had the boy in his arms, the panicked dad didn’t wait for help or attempt to carry him back up the steep rock cliff. Instead, he ran downhill and used the Sheltowee Trace suspension bridge to cross the Red River. By the time he reached the highway, an ambulance was waiting to meet them.

By some miracle, the little boy suffered nothing worse than scrapes and bruises from his brush with death! Paramedics checked him out and he was a-okay. “He was very talkative, and very interested in super heroes,” wrote WCSR. “The only super hero present was him.”

family reunited after boy fell off cliff

We think maybe there was one other super hero; it sure sounds like this little boy’s dad acted heroically that day as well! It just goes to show you that the best parents would literally risk their own lives to save their kids. Kudos to this father for acting so quickly to get his son to safety. We’re so glad he was unharmed.

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