The “Fist Bump Kid” Inspired A Heartbroken NHL Team. When I Saw Why I Was Endeared Deeply.

After failing to make the Stanley Cup playoffs for the first time in 8 seasons, the Boston Bruins were heartbroken.  But in the midst of sadness, they had something to celebrate: Liam the “Fist Bump Kid”… their new inspiration.

Many people dream of meeting their sports heroes. They represent the innate skill, athleticism and talent that we all have, but to the ultimate degree.

So when the Bruins’ let this big-hearted kid sit on the bench and fist bump away, they made a dream come true… and were also impacted in the process.

Nine-Year-Old Liam was born with down syndrome, and his parents knew from the day he was born how special he was. By the time he was five, he had faced and overcome leukemia and managed to become the biggest hockey fan of all time.

After a picture surfaced of Liam dressed as Bruins player Adam McQuade, the team offered little Liam the chance of a lifetime: to sit on the bench with the players.

In an endearing way, he gave impromptu fist bumps to the players. It was caught on camera and the video went viral.  The resulting relationship between the Bruins and Liam changed the tone of the season.

His story reminds us to always care for others, to consider how you can make others’ dreams come true.  Consider it today; the world needs more incredible love like this!  Often, as with the Bruins, the love comes back around.

Watch below and share if this incredible story inspired you!

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