The Emotional Story Of A 4 Year Old Girl Who Was Diagnosed With A Brain Tumor On Christmas Eve

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After the Williams family found out their daughter, Chloe, had a brain tumor on Christmas Eve, their entire world changed. Dr. Alex Levy, a childhood cancer specialist and Chloe’s doctor, was the one on call over Christmas, since he was the youngest on the team. Chloe, 4, had come in the night before with vomiting, headaches and trouble walking. Dr. Levy found the tumor after taking an MRI of Chloe’s brain.


“I remember going into the family’s room on the 24th of December, to have to tell them that their daughter had a brain tumor. And that it was a malignant, cancerous brain tumor. I’ll never forget that the dad said to me, ‘Will I ever get to walk my daughter in her wedding?’ I said to him at that point, ‘I don’t know, but we’re going to try [very] hard to make that happen.’

She had three surgeries to remove the tumor, because it kept growing back. She underwent chemotherapy for over a year and a half. She’s been off of therapy now for six months, and, you know, she’s actually doing great. She doesn’t have any evidence of the tumor whatsoever, she’s back in school, happy, playful.

I remember that I told the father, I said, ‘The only thing I ever want is to be able to go to her wedding one day. He told me a couple of weeks ago that he was planning to have me walk her. When that dad gives me a call and tells me to walk Chloe down the aisle for her wedding, I’ll probably retire after that. Because I don’t think there could be a greater high or sense of fulfillment after that. It’s the truth. It’s just, what else after that?”

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