Heartwarming Text From “Bro” Captures True Meaning Of Friendship.

Here’s a sweet picture of what a true friend really looks like.

A Twitter user who goes by the name Donnie Darko posted the following photo of a text from his friend Russ with the caption, “I love my friends, man. I couldn’t ask for anything better. This legit made me tear up:”


Apparently, Donnie had been going through a hard time and made a worrisome comment. Maybe he said it jokingly, but Russ didn’t brush it aside. Instead, he texted his friend with the exact words he needed to hear: “You’re loved, man.” Not only that, Russ made sure Donnie knew he was available to talk (or just listen) anytime. “I normally turn my phone off before I go to sleep, but I’ll start leaving it on, so [hit me up] anytime,” he texted.

As soon as Donnie shared the tweet, it took off, with people everywhere praising Russ for his words and actions.

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“So lovely to see men supporting their male friends with their emotions and actually encouraging each other to talk,” wrote one Twitter user in reply. “You got a good friend there, and by sharing his text you’ve shown thousands of people that it’s okay for men to talk like this to their friends.”

Another simply replied: “Your friend single?”

We can’t blame her for asking!

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