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College Coach Surprises Star Player With Special Visitors Right Before Big Game.

When you’re playing high-level team sports, you get used to making sacrifices.

Not only must you train your body hard, getting up early and practicing for hours each day, but you must also commit your time to honing your craft at the expense of all else. For players like Texas Tech’s Davide Moretti, this sacrifice includes not seeing your family for months on end.


Davide is a sophomore guard for the Texas Tech Red Rangers basketball team. He originally hails from Bologna, Italy, where his family still lives, so he’s used to performing on the court without having a big gang of family members cheering him on from the stands. In fact, Davide’s family had not seen him play all season long, and now that his team was heading to the NCAA tournament his coach decided to do something about it.


During a team meeting the day before Texas Tech was due to battle Michigan, Coach Chris Beard decided to surprise Davide with his own private cheering section for the big game. In a video shared by the college on Twitter, coach is talking to the team about the game when he suddenly asks, “Who do you play for?” He then asks Davide to stand up in front of the team and tell them who he plays for.

“I’m playing for everybody in this room, and for my family…” Davide begins, but suddenly he spots some familiar faces in the back of the room. “Oh my god,” Davide blurts out, instantly covering his face with his hands as the tears begin to flow.


Sure enough, Davide’s younger brother can’t wait to jump forward to give him a hug, followed shortly after by his mom and father. The moment is so emotional that several of his teammates can be seen in the background, grinning from ear-to-ear and holding up their phones to get video of the occasion.


We’re not sure if it was the added excitement of having his family in the stands during the big game the next day or whether Davide is really just a superstar in the making, but either way the result is the same: Texas Tech beat Michigan and went on to beat Gonzaga University as well, making it the first time they had ever made it to the Final Four!


Isn’t it fantastic that Davide’s family was there to witness this tremendous moment in their son’s basketball career? Moments like these are payback for sports families who spend so much time and money getting their players where they need to go. What a proud moment for everyone.

Watch Davide getting his wonderful surprise visit in the video below, and don’t forget to share this special moment with others.

Basketball player brought to tears when coach surprises him with family

WATCH: This Texas Tech basketball player was brought to tears when his coach surprised him with his family, who flew all the way from Italy to watch him play in the NCAA tournament ❤️️

Posted by CBS News on Monday, April 1, 2019

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