Cousins’ Soulful Cover Of ‘Tennessee Whiskey’ Will Give You Chills.

It’s amazing how many truly talented people are on the Internet. Despite not being famous, they share their remarkable gifts on social media and manage to blow everyone away. What makes it even more incredible is that often times, it’s just something they do for fun and it never occurs to them that they should be famous.

That is the definitely the case for this pair of talented cousins. It began when cousins, Kourtney White and Kenyetta Gray, are filmed covering ‘Tennessee Whiskey’ by Chris Stapleton.

singing together

“Tennessee Whiskey” is a popular country song, but the two women give it an even more emotional feel with their soulful spin. Kourtney kicks off the singing, but when Kenyetta joins in, their harmonies are spine-chilling!

cousin sings

It’s such a beautifully done cover that it feels like it ends far too soon!

The girls have so much fun with it that they even break out in laughter at the very end of the clip. If only we ALL could just casually deliver Grammy Award-worthy performances like that!

smile and sing

Their cover was an instant hit on Facebook, amassing thousands of likes and shares in just a couple of days. People are even suggesting that they audition for a major singing competition! It’s not unheard of for people who go viral on social media to end up on shows like The Voice at some point.

Who knows? This could be the beginning of an incredible musical journey, and if so, we wish these two ladies luck!

To see their powerful cover, click the Facebook video below. Don’t forget to share this story with others!

My cousin and I covering Tennessee Whisky last night🥃 By: Chris Stapleton ♥️ I hope you all love🙏🏽 #PLEASESHARE #pleaseshare #followmeoninstagram @songbirdwhite“I do not own the rights to this music” 🎶

Posted by Kourtney White on Tuesday, February 6, 2018