This Abandoned Horse Was Moments From Death, But A Mother And Daughter Transformed It’s Life Forever.

Kelsey Allonge and her mother were driving in the car when they saw something astounding.  A clearly emaciated young horse was eating grass on the side of the country road, on the verge of starving to death.

The two quickly stopped, ran to the sweet animal’s aid and decided the only option was to take her home to where they would nurture her back to health. However, when they tried to move her onto their truck, the horse refused. Even though their home was 9 miles away, Kelsey was determined to help the weak animal… so they walked for 4 hours to return to safety.

Once they reached the Allonge’s property and put the horse in a stall, Kelsey and her mom found whip marks on her body, swollen knees and a backbone than stood out 3 inches.

Kelsey quickly worked to nurse the animal back to health. Now the young horse is doing well and has a healthy life thanks to this teenager’s kindness!

Life is precious – we should do everything in our power not only to savor our existence, but that of others, too.

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